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We are a container of different knowledge, skills, experiences. each of us has its own style, its own experience: Some have worked with and for different companies, has faced the big market changes of multinational companies, there’s daily those who write to promote and enhance artists and cultural events, and who has the energy and freedom of thought of millennials.

freshness and creative chaos, a complexity in which we are comfortable, where we orient ourselves, we find harmony and constitute a single whole made up of facets, of different points of view, of different interpretative keys. Which we like to share with each other and with others. Each of us is the bearer of pieces of his life, of choices, of curiosities, passions and interests. It is a continuous flow of energy and intellectual vivacity, processing, and planning: a concentration of ideas in which our differences give life to original and “useful” projects, which have a social value. Together we have discovered an environment of collective intelligence, discovering the strong contagiousness that has overwhelmed us and the many realities with which we find ourselves collaborating.

Ours is a common context within which knowledge and relationship skills that we then make available to those who want to find information, references, suggestions, food for thought: exchange and sharing feed the virtuous circle of the circulation of knowledge.



Siamo accanto al Cliente con un approccio globale per cercare la soluzione più utile ed emozionale per ogni evento. Dalla progettazione alla sua realizzazione.

Festival Management

Gestione del Project Management di festival culturali

Cultural Projects

Ideiamo e realizziamo progetti per favorire l’informazione e la formazione (alfabetizzazione) sui grandi temi della cultura e del sociale.

Partnership culturali

Individuare, insieme al Partner, soggetti terzi, pubblici e/o privati, con  l’obiettivo di costruire un Network culturale


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